Will you accept applications from those needing an Exception to Policy?

Please reference our requirements for this UPT board on this website. If you meet the qualifications, apply. If you get hired and need an ETP we will work that waiver at that time.

Will you tell me if I have a chance to get hired?

These questions are impossible to answer as the hiring board decides who is competitive both during, and after application review, meet and greets, and interviews. Do not send emails to the hiring board POC asking if you are competitive for this hiring board, every hiring board is different

I'm a 747 Captain with 1,000,000 hours of flight time, am I experienced?
Not for the context of our hiring boards. If you are a current military pilot you would apply for our "experienced board." If you are a civilian pilot (or not a pilot at all) and have never been to UPT you would apply for our "UPT board."

We are considering applicants that are under age 33 before they begin pilot training. For this board, we anticipate that hired individuals will begin UPT sometime in 2022. It is impossible to tell you exactly when as that depends on many factors unique to the individual as well as specific USAF and COANG requirements.

The requirement for UPT applicants is an FAA First Class Medical or Military Flying Class 1Physical.

Minimum 20/70 vision correctable to 20/20 without color blindness. Please refer specific questions regarding vision requirements, including laser vision correction, to a qualified Flight Doc.

​AFOQT and TBAS Test
Before applicants can be considered for UPT they must have taken the AFOQT and TBAS. The AFOQT is a five-part academic-style test given at bases and recruiting offices around the country.

The five sections and minimum scores for each are:
Academic Aptitude--0
Combined pilot\navigator scores must total 50.

The TBAS tests your hand-eye coordination. The test is much like a video game with several different tests. The test scores are combined into a single score. Some sections may be weighted more heavily than others.

If you are able to take the AFOQT on base at Buckley AFB please email TSgt Alexandria Trempe at alexandria.trempe.1@us.af.mil to schedule. Additionally, if you need the TBAS and can take it in Colorado Springs you can also coordinate that with TSgt Trempe.

If you are unable to test in Colorado you need to contact your nearest Air Force recruiting office or ROTC squadron to get this test completed.

The following site has locations and contact info for setting up TBAS test:

TBAS Testing locations

Bachelor's Degree 
Required for all UPT applicants. You must have a degree prior to the application deadline. Intent to graduate after the application deadline would be disqualifying for this board.

Squadron Visits

We are inviting UPT applicants to visit only during the advertised meet and greet weekends.

If you have a military ID please coordinate your visit with the POC by emailing buckleypilotjob@gmail.com

If you do not have base access complete the visitor’s form from the “UPT Applicants” tab above and email it to the POC at buckleypilotjob@gmail.com

All updates to meet and greet weekends will be provided via the POC email above and sent to all recipients that we have on file at that time.