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Age and other requirements: The fine print 
This link provides the regulation governing the requirements for Undergraduate Pilot Training:
Click here for the link to "The Reg" AFI-361
We are considering applicants that are under age 30 before they begin pilot training.

Medical Questions 
Requirement for UPT candidates is an FAA Class 1 flying physical

Vision Requirements 
Minimum 20/70 vision correctable to 20/20 without color blindness. Laser vision correction (RK, Lasik etc.) is usually disqualifying - refer specific questions to our flight docs.

Our MINIMUM requirements:
Before applicants can be considered for Undergraduate Pilot Training they must have taken the AFOQT. This is a five-part test given at bases and recruiting offices around the country. You must take the AFOQT before applying for UPT.

The five sections and minimum scores for each are:
Academic Aptitude--0
Combined pilot\navigator scores must total 50.

TBAS and AFOQT Tests
The following site has locations and contact info for setting up TBAS tests as well as showing your PCSM score. I think it's based on a combination of flying experience and the AFOQT/TBAS scores. Hope this helps. http://www.aetc.randolph.af.mil/sas/pcsm/index.htm

Before applicants can be considered for Undergraduate Pilot Training you will be required to take the TBAS. This tests your hand-eye coordination. The test is much like a video game with several different tests. The test scores are combined into a single score. Some sections may be weighted more heavily than others.

Bachelor's Degree 
Required for all UPT applicants 

When to visit  

​Friday and Saturday of Drill Weekend is your best bet - but avoid exercise and deployment weekends.

Call 720-847-9955 for drill schedule

Setting Up a visit:

** If you are not a currently rated fighter pilot we ask that you only visit during times which we are actively accepting applications for UPT slots**

In order to get on base (non-military) here is what you need to do - -
1) Pre-coordinate your visit with the POC. 

2) Complete the visitor’s from from the “UPT Applicants” tab above and email it to the POC.