120th Fighter Squadron Hiring Info

The 120th Fighter Squadron is currently accepting applications for a January 2018 Experienced pilot board. We are considering hiring fighter pilots into one full-time AGR and one full-time ART position during this board.

*Previous Fighter Experience Required

Experienced Applicants Meet & Greet: 3-4 Nov 2017

Application deadline: 31 Dec 2017

Interviews targeted for: 18 Jan 2018

Applicants must be eligible to join the Guard NLT: 1 Jan 2019

We are also accepting applications for one future fighter pilot for an April 2018 UPT pilot board.

*Applicants must begin UPT before their 30th birthday.

UPT Applicant Meet & Greet: 5-6 Jan &  2-3 Mar 2018

Application deadline: 9 Mar 2018

UPT start date FY19

Please reference the links below for more information as well as qualifications and requirements for each position.

Hiring Board Point of Contact:

Maj "Moose" Dreyer

The World's Greatest Fighter Pilot




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